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Our noodles have been upgraded! Pikaichi introduceds new customized noodles, Efforts made possible by creative minds from SunNoodle, in Los Angeles. From the same people using the same techniques, our noodles have taken a step forward. Our noodles are designed to scoop up more flavors from the soup. We never stop learning. With less salt content, we try our best to offer your everyday Ramen! Taste the difference!

Takahiro Akatsu Originally from Hokkaido, Japan, is the previous owner and chef of Cafe Mami in Porter Square Mall. It was such a huge sucess he decided to move on to open Pikaichi Japanese Restaurant in Allston Massachusetts. Pikaichi is distinctly hidden in the back on Hong Kong Supermarket. Offering creative authentic hand crafted dishes using fresh ingredients This place is like no other of it's kind.

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We serve the freshest ingredients and each meal is prepared to order.

Tel. (617) 789-4818